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Geometric/Specialty Windows

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Geometric Windows or Specialty Windows

There are many reasons why specialty windows are so great. Don’t miss out on these fantastic benefits of a specialty window installation in Sacramento.

Amazing Curb Appeal and Overall Aesthetics

Many people choose geometric windows because they just look beautiful. Due to this remarkable beauty, they can drastically improve the aesthetic design of a new or remodeled home.

With a wide range of colors and sizes, they can be tailored to a home’s specific needs. A few of the most popular shapes include triangles, half-rounds, rectangle, cathedral, and many more. Just keep in mind that half rounds are typically considered more traditional styles whereas unique shapes may be recognized as modern and chic. Clearly, when it comes to customizing these types of window, the sky is truly the limit.

These types of windows can also increase your home’s overall value. So, if you plan to sell your home in ten years, these specialty windows may lead to a high asking price, which ultimately results in a big return on your investment.

More Natural Sunlight

Although these products are extremely beautiful, they are not just there for show. When placed strategically, these windows can improve light flow, especially in rooms without any windows such as a walk-in closet, staircase landing, or hallway. They are even great in bathrooms.

They can be used as stand alone products or placed alongside other windows to allow more natural light. As natural light slowly starts to enter, your home will appear more open and inviting, whether its in the hallway, dining room, kitchen, or bedrooms.

Beautiful Views and Outstanding Energy Efficiency

The unique sizes of geometric windows make maximizing views simple. These products can create beautiful views of the outdoors by covering the walls with windows in several areas of the home. Since these windows do not open, they can significantly enhance energy efficiency because there will be no air infiltration. A more energy efficient home means less money spent on utility bills.

Easy & Stress-Free Maintenance

Depending on where these windows are installed, they can be extremely easy to clean since there are few moving parts. Many of these windows feature “self-cleaning” glass, making them even more easy to maintain.

Choose Best Exteriors For Top Notch Geometric Window Installation in Sacramento

Do you still have those outdated aluminum windows in your Sacramento home? More than likely, those windows probably look worn out, and they definitely don’t provide you the energy efficiency that you need. Our company can easily replace your outdated windows with a brand new geometric window installation. These modern and energy efficient windows are perfect for any style of home, and many customers love that they come with many benefits.

Best Exteriors provides specialty windows shapes from many different manufacturers including Anlin windows. If you live in the Sacramento area, we can definitely give you the unique window shapes that you want. We even make it easy to obtain specialty windows with our convenient financing options from Synchrony Bank, Home Energy Renovation Opportunity, and Ygrene. Our customers also gain peace of mind because we offer a lifetime guarantee on every product and service.

No matter what your ideal design may be, Best Exteriors has the experience needed to turn your dream into a reality. To learn more about our specialty windows, please get in touch with us today. Our team provides free estimates, and we are always happy to help you in any way possible.

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