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How to install vinyl siding: details every homeowner must be aware of before DIY

When it comes to the renovation of the house’s cladding, the vinyl façade is considered the top pick of most homeowners. Apart from durability, manufacturers offer beautiful designs and an array of colors to choose from. Thus, if you strive to enhance the aesthetic appeal, add energy-efficiency, and boost the resale value of your property, then it’s time to discover some smart recommendations on how to install vinyl siding.

What to consider before going into a remodeling process?

Start from scratch. Doing-it-yourself methods require attention to details. If you don’t have the required knowledge and skills, but want to save on manpower by relying on your own hands, then the wisest solution will be to check the installation manual from the manufacturers on how to install vinyl siding. Such a set of instructions usually explains how to cut the material and mount panels around openings (windows and doors), what type of trim elements is needed to treat corners, how to apply starter strips, the total number of fasteners required to cover the needed surface of the siding, how to insulate the cladding properly.

Prepare vinyl siding installation tools. Don’t start performing a job without being fully equipped. Obviously, no home improvement project can be implemented without a hammer, measure tape, a metal square, and a level. Safety gear is also of high importance to avoid injuries. Thus, goggles are a must-have purchase to secure yourself from elements. Power saw, tin snips, utility knife also should be at hand. You must take care of nails, fasteners, trim pieces, J-channel or F-channel, starter strips. Of course, this is not a complete list of tools, devices, and accessories, as you will need to think about moisture barriers, such as waterproof building paper. More likely, your siding will require metal strips to deal with spacing and gaps issues and prevent warping. And even if the procedure of installing vinyl siding seems too straightforward, the cladding system consists of a multitude of components that you must purchase for competent hanging.

Learn vinyl behavior. Discovering the characteristics of the material will help you to avoid lots of troubles. Thus, when refreshing the exterior, remember that panels tend to expand and grow if affected by the sun’s heat. Also, when cooling, the vinyl is prone to contract. Poor measuring and cutting will lead to an ugly appearance and bad operation. Moreover, you need to be sure that a panel attached to the wall floats. If fixed too tightly, it will deform with time.  

To sum up, let’s highlight the essential nuances on how to install vinyl siding:

  • accurate measurements matter;
  •  the cutting practices of vinyl must be approached properly to avoid its damage;
  •  be aware of local building code requirements before modernizing the walls;
  • extra innovative accessories will promote better performance;
  • you must understand nailing procedure rules, how to deal with fittings, and how to install panels around the doors and windows;
  • remember that one of the first imperative steps is the removal of old siding.

If you feel like you can handle all the construction objectives, such as cutting, mounting, leveling, and manage the project in a hassle-free manner, then start looking for a reliable supplier, gather all tools and materials, and begin refreshing your outdated exterior. But be honest with yourself and ask if you have enough expertise, resources, and time to do everything without flaws?

Maybe the DIY strategy is a wrong upgrade choice when renovating a house?

Vinyl siding is designed for simplified and facilitated installation. However, if you lack practice, it is better to hire a contractor since experts will be responsible for obtaining all the necessary permits, they have an established algorithm of action, know how to deal with complications. Demolishing old cladding and even post-construction cleanup are two main duties that will save you time. And, more likely, you won’t find all the necessary equipment and installation elements in your garage, so you will need to spend extra costs while professionals have already everything needed for job execution. No pivotal steps for successful renovation outcomes will be missed.

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