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Single Hung Windows

Single hung window: features and benefits

A modern house equipped with technical innovations is wonderful, especially when the style of the interiors matches that. Nevertheless, a person is characterized by a striving for naturalness and, if you like, classics, which is timeless, and looks soundly, comfortable and always relevant. That is why single hung window replacement is so popular today.

What is a single hung window?

Single hung or double hung windows are vertically sliding models, and they are not inferior in functionality to other models. The products are neat and look presentable. People have been using the design of a single hung vinyl window for more than four hundred years, but today there is an opportunity to improve them with the help of profile systems. Nowadays more and more interest among consumers is caused by window systems with lifting doors, which are familiar to residents of Great Britain and the United States.

The single hung window cost is determined individually and depends on the number of chambers, material and structure area. There are warm and classic hung windows. The first ones are used in the glazing of premises with the first circuit and have high tightness. They maintain a comfortable temperature in the room in any weather. Classic constructions are the second glazing contour. They are in demand in design projects and are used when it is necessary to recreate the authentic image of an English home, for example.

Advantages of a single hung window

There is a plethora of points that may describe single hung window replacement at the best side:

  1. The vertical-lifting design of windows, like all sliding models, significantly saves space, therefore, such a window will allow you to place flower pots or decor on the windowsill, without the need to clean it when opening the sashes. You may remove the single hung window for a new one with the help of Best Exteriors.
  2. The slots between the sashes of the single hung window are reliably protected by a sealant, and the fittings are protected by special inserts, which excludes the possibility of blowing.
  3. You can choose a two-chamber plastic profile or a compacted wooden one, since any material is suitable for it, according to the characteristics.
  4. Thanks to the single hung vinyl window, you will be able to ventilate the room in any weather, because the sashes will not open and close, slamming in a draft.
  5. It is worth noting that the sliding windows protect the house or apartment from burglary from the outside, because the fittings close the sash inside, excluding the possibility of opening it from the outside.
  6. Lifting windows can be decorated with classic curtains, but in combination with a Roman mechanism or roller shutters, they look especially harmonious. Moreover, single hung window prices will pleasantly surprise you!
  7. Small windows in the English style are often equipped with a tilt-opening mechanism, which means that it is convenient to wash the outside of the glasses and frames.

How to replace single-hung window: features and advice

The single hung window is distinguished by the fact that the upper sash is always stationary, motionless, and the lower one moves up parallel to it. Further, the raised sash is fixed with special latches. There are several types of the hung windows:

  • Classic models consist of two sections: the main one and the movable one, which goes behind the main one a little. This feature allows you to protect the room from the accumulation of dust, moisture and cold air.
  • Another type of window is also square-bound, but it lacks a fixed section.

So, we gave you a short but informative overview of the main advantages and features of single hung window replacement, which will make it possible to make a more informed choice even at the stage of planning or starting construction of your dream home. Good luck! If you are asked how to remove single hung window for a new one or buy such a model, then the best solution is to turn to Best Exteriors professionals!